There are many Conveyancing law firms who can competently deal with your legal issues and give you adequate legal advice. Don’t you want more than just competent and adequate? There are times in life when you need the help of professionals who really care.

Here at KENT Conveyancing we have a compassionate approach towards our clients and understand that property dealings can come about with some of the most difficult situations life can serve up including:

  • Unaware first home buyers
  • Relationship breakdowns and subsequent property sales
  • Death of a loved one
  • Buying or selling a dearly loved home
  • Negotiating a mortgage
  • Buying or selling a business

Either way, to most people any property law matter is often confusing seeming like a minefield of legaleses, outcomes of which can deeply affect your life. We will ensure that you have a clear understanding of what’s going on and what your options are so you can make the best decision for you. We are 100% dedicated and focused solely on Conveyancing Law.

Wouldn’t you rather top notch advice and strategies over ‘competent and adequate'?

Do you want more?
(i) Mobile service – appointments at your choice of location
(ii) Guaranteed call backs within 2 working hours
(iii) All correspondence processed on the same day it is received
(iv) Child friendly premises – bring the kids to your appointment
(v) Flexible appointments – we know your just as busy as we are
(vi) Flat rates – we won’t increase your account by charging for photocopying
(vii) Free and easily accessible parking
(viii) Jargon free advice
(ix) Local knowledge
(x) Certified specialist by Australian Institute of Conveyancers
(xi) A network of professional services – why search for trusted professionals
(xii) Accessible and available after hours
(xiii) 48 hour dispatch of Contracts
(xiv) Courier service

Take the hassle out of your next sale or purchase, choose KENT Conveyancing and get peace of mind knowing your transaction is handled by Experts who care.

Phone any time on 02 4941 7474 or contact us.  

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